I would love a "book view"

(Apologies if this already exists, but I never found it so far).

What I would love is a viewing mode where I could read my book as though it was printed as a paperback novel. So whatever paper size that is, with side-by-side facing pages, and page numbers, if that makes any sense.

It’s possible to do a text dump and set the “book view” up in Word, but it would be a lot cooler, easier and neater if it was one of the optional views in Scrivener.


Thanks for your feedback. Scrivener was designed not to be a page layout program, which is why it doesn’t feature a book or pages view. It is really just about dumping your words and organising them, and then worrying about what they look like on the page later. :slight_smile:

Of course, if Leopard introduces something like this without extra coding, I might consider it…

All the best,

Excellent, thanks! I realise the feature set is “frozen” at least for now, and this is only a minor thing.

It’s just something I’ve done in Word before (though Word is horribly fiddly and you can’t do that amazing full screen that Scrivener has) and it’s kind of cool to see what your novel would look like if published.

A bit like the Flash they use in the Nanowrimo profiles, where you can see an excerpt of your novel and turn virtual pages. Gives you a bit of a thrill when you first see your words like that!

The method I prefer (since I do not have Word anyway) is to simply generate a PDF of the document. This puts your words on the page the way they have been set up to print, and using Apple’s Preview, you can even set it up to look like a book, with opposing pages and such. It probably is not exactly less work than using Word for this, but the result is much more focussed and “pretty” in my opinion.

As an aside, it is funny how putting your words into a different display medium can cause errors you never noticed to suddenly become prominent.

I agree, I would love this as well. In fact, that’s the exact request that I came to post in this forum.

As a programmer myself I understand the complexities of it but it would be an excellent feature. Is there any method for writing plug-in’s for Scrivener? Sorry if the plug-in question has been handled somewhere else before but it just occurred to me right now.


There’s no way of writing plugins, no, but this feature is coming with version 2.0. In v2.0 you can have a page layout view, and you can set it to facing pages, and you can set the size of the pages used in the view to be different to the actual printed pages if you want. So you could easily set it up to have a book-like appearance.


Excellent. And now the obvious question … do you have a target release date for v2.0?

Thanks again for the great software.