iA Writer 3 for Mac

… is temporarily on sale for $10 in the App Store. I have the original iA Writer for Mac and use it on iOS as well. I didn’t like what I read about the subsequent Writer Pro and never bought it, but this new version seems to be more like the original, with some enhancements. Are any other Scriveners here using Writer 3 for Mac? If so, do you think the added features make it worth paying for it all over again for those of us who have the original Writer? How well does it work with Scrivener in your workflows? Thanks in advance for any advice.

It’s neat, in its own Ulysses-like way, but honestly, I see no real need for it. With Composition Mode and Quick Reference panels, Scrivener gives me all I need to go from idea to rough draft through variations to final copy. With the Binder’s flexibility and occasional side-trips into Scapple, I’m happy working on anything from a 600-word Op-Ed to a full-length novel.

I should admit that I started writing long before computers hit the arts, still start many projects with pen and ink, and keep an old manual typewriter in the corner for the tactile fun of occasionally hammering on it.


Agree. On Mac you don’t need something like iA Writer. On the IPad you do. Used earlier versions of iA Writer for iOS, but gave it up for Byword for the sole reason that iA Writer didn’t let me sort my documents alphabetically/numerically which made it useless for syncing with Scrivener on Mac (as Scrivener numbers synced files, mirroring the binder structure). Saw on iTunes that iA version 3 allows alphabetical sorting. Is that a reason to switch back to Writer? Has anyone tried the new version, and does it offer anything that Byword doesn’t? (The possibility to highlight adverbs etc. doesn’t add anything for me, as I don’t write in any of the supported languages)

My biggest gripe with iA3 is it forces one into “block paragraphing” during composition. I MUST have the option to first line indent each paragraph.

But I’m a novelist, and block paragraphing seems to be the preferred format for blogging.