iBookstore adds a Million Customers a Week

Here are some stories those in digital self-publishing might find interesting:

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gigaom.com/2015/01/15/apple-1-m … -8-launch/

I find that encouraging. Bothered by Amazon’s bullying and refusal to pay a flat 70% royalties at all price levels, I’ve been moving toward a policy of publishing at Apple “first and best.” This news certainly encourages that attitude. Amazon’s attitude toward independent authors seems to be “where else can you go. We’re the biggest.” Apple seems to be genuinely competing for an author’s attention.

I also suspect that Amazon sees ebooks at a high-profit margin business and intends to keep it that way at the expense of authors. Apple, on the other hand, sees the iBookstore as a way to improve their lucrative hardware sales and, as long as a profit is made, isn’t concerned about a high profit.That’s good for authors.

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books