iClip 4

…for those of you who have been waiting, iClip 4 is finally being released at the end of January; well worth the wait, though, as it’s a gorgeous update to an already incredibly useful and well-designed piece of software.


iClip 4 is finally up!


Cheers to all!

I’m still not 100% convinced with the new interface, but it seems a little quicker…

Likewise. I gave it an honest try, but the manner in which it displays clipboard history is so bulky that it severely limits its usefulness, to me. Often I most often wish to retrieve something I’ve pasted an hour or two ago. I’m afraid PTH was back as my primary collector after a day.

I liked iClip 3, and hated iClip 4. And although many users seem to also dislike the new interface, nothing is being done. Perhaps in another year or two we’ll see an update. :open_mouth:
If only users were able to choose their interface, like with KeyCue for example.
I switched to PTH Pasteboard. Much better. Now I wish I had spent my money with them from the start.

I have both iClip 4 and PTH Pasteboard Pro on the machine. PTH Pasteboard wins, in my book. It seems faster, and although it’s “look” is pedestrian compared to iClip 4’s elegant look, in the end it’s about function, and PTH Pasteboard wins that battle outright.

Seems like a good time to remove iClip 4, now that I’ve just posted this. :slight_smile:

I have tons of info stored in iClip as different clipping sets. I don’t use it as an extended clipboard, which Pasteboard seems much better at. But the latter doesn’t let you create clipping sets, does it? I use iClip much the way I used to use Scrapbook pre-OS X. I have clipping sets with photos, artwork (my own), things to memorize, quickly accessible contact info, etc. Things I need to quickly access. iClip lets me store pretty much anything I need to get to asap across programs.

I agree about it’s clunky interface. I long ago suggested having the clippings selectable via the menu icon (with a pull-down menu), and the developer said he was thinking about implementing something like that, but nothing ever happened with it. I’m not sure what the best interface would be, but the present one isn’t the best, I agree.

But I haven’t found anything else that lets me store information this way with a better interface. If anyone else can suggest a Scrapbook-like program that is simple to use, fast to get to, but has a better interface I’d love to know about it!


Yes, PTH allows you to add arbitrary clipping collections that are not tied to the main pasteboard. There is a good deal of flexibility in how these are handled, too.

Thanks, Amber V! I’ll definitely check it out!

Alexandria, in PTH Pasteboard I have a main pasteboard as well as additional ones. One of them has my contact information with assigned Hot-Keys to enter the text quickly.

You can select the number of pasteboards you want, the number of items for each pasteboard, Hot-Keys, position, colors, etc. One limitation I encountered is that you can select whether to paste as plain text only for the whole pasteboard, but not for individual items. This doesn’t really affect me.

As a side note, if you have things to memorize you may want to try Genius, Studycard Studio, or Mental Case (beta):


For boilerplate items … graphics or text, I use TextExpander. Also, since it uses “aliases” to key it’s substitution, I don’t have to manage keystrokes, which often conflict from app to app.

I have a license to iClip 4 (came with a software bundle), but I can’t get used to the heavy-graphic GUI either.

What I love (and what works far better, as a clipboard recorder) is Quicksilver. I can map it to use the identical keystrokes as iClip, but it feels faster and the GUI is vastly more to my taste.

As a storage bin, Quicksilver’s Shelf leaves far too much to be desired. Despite having a nearly identical appearance to the Clipboard History, the underlying functionality is entirely different. If somebody could just unify the two, I don’t see how iClip would survive.


I need to take a look at that functionality in QS. I love QS, but the more I learn about it, the more there is to learn. :wink: QS seems to be as deep and wide as one is willing to make it …

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