iCloud Compatibility


I am aware that the latest information on iCloud use says it is not supported and Dropbox is the way to go, but there have been some changes in how iCloud Drive works lately, so I was hoping maybe it has reached a point where Scrivener for iOS (or rather iPadOS as it is known now) might be compatible with it now so we don’t have to use third party cloud service for working on our projects. Is there any news on this or will it remain as is for the time being?


If you search the forums you will find that there have already been VERY extensive discussions of this subject.

No change.
We happily use Dropbox. :slight_smile:

Based on the currently released version of iOS, nothing has changed.

Since WWDC was yesterday, we have not yet had the opportunity to evaluate the future implications of those announcements.

We are well aware that iCloud compatibility is a frequent user request: it’s not necessary to tell us again.


The show stopper is the iCloud Sync feature for me!
I’d be more than happy to place the Scrivener for iPad order while after this feature released!
There’s no sufficient reason for stopping numerous iCloud users.
The question is why should they pay for another cloud service while Scrivener try not to pay authorization fee to Apple?

Authorization fees have nothing to do with it.

The fundamental issue is that a Scrivener project is a fairly complex structure, with subfolders and potentially hundreds of component files in a variety of formats. Synchronizing it safely requires access to the synchronization service’s low-level upload/download commands. iCloud does not provide the tools that we would need.


Thank you for point out the blind spot to me.