iCloud Saving on iOS (NOT sync)


I’m looking at purchasing Scrivener for iOS. At this point, I’m not really planning on using it w/one of the desktop options. I know that if I do, I’ll need to use Dropbox for sync. That’s not my question.

What I’m wondering is, can I save to the iCloud folder on my iPad so that my work is saved both locally and in the cloud? I’m simply wanting to do this so that I can always have a backup. If I have to save locally only, if anything were to happen to my iPad, I’d lose all my writing files.

I’ve searched and cannot seem to find the answer to this on iOS. All the iCloud discussions that I could find were for MacOS or simply didn’t address my question.

Thanks so much in advance! Looking forward to any replies and assistance. :slight_smile:

From what I’ve gleaned iCloud tends to flub up live scrivener files, but there’s good news, zipped files are safe. Since Scrivener’s automatic backup zips file, you can set an iCloud folder as your back up location.

At the risk of being pedantic, iOS Scriv doesn’t have the automatic backup feature found on the desktop apps, although I certainly hope it someday will.

Yes, you can store you Scriv projects locally on your iPad, and use iOS Scriv’s sharing feature to manually create a zipped file from your project that you can send to a cloud service (e.g. iCloud Drive), or email to yourself, or whatever. I keep my projects in DropBox, but still do this at the end of every iOS writing session as an additional backup. It’s very easy to do

Then, if disaster strikes, you can pull the zipped file from the cloud service and recover your project from it. I’ve never actually done that myself, but a number of people on this forum have, for instance the folks in this thread: [url]External backup for Scrivener iOS files?]

Unfortunately, at the moment the backup process for iOS Scrivener is not automatic. But if you are diligent about using the sharing feature to make manual backups, then you would be covered if you ever lost your iPad. :slight_smile:


At the risk of feeling sheepish, I must admit for some reason I thought the OP was asking about the Mac OS version.

Your profile photo looks anything but sheepish. 8)