iCloud Sync

I wonder if change is afoot. Quite recently, in August 2020, Keith was talking about coming to a software crossroads and of the sustainability of Scrivener in its current form. He also posed a question around adding iCloud support in some way (perhaps with a simpler version of Scrivener):

Suppose there were a simpler version of Scrivener - without so many options and perhaps with not many more features than the iOS version. But suppose this simpler version had iCloud support and could sync as seamlessly as other iCloud apps do (but also that this meant that it could not store research files inside a project because of the potential file size). Would that appeal?

And recently Ioa made an interesting point about change being necessary because tech changes over time:

There are periods of time where the colour of things change, and minor feature clusters are added or modified within a model, and then there are times of change when the whole premise must be rethought—because it’s been 15 or 20 years, and computers went from beige boxes belching hot air out the back and making cat scream noises over a phone line, to things you slip into a pocket, that pull the internet out of the atmosphere at a rate that would take a thousand screaming modems.

And Scrivener was released in 2007, some fourteen years ago.

And Keith indicated (in December 2020) that a lot of development had been going on behind the scenes (now for more than two years):

Just because we’ve been a little quiet on the update front over the past year or so, doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of investment and work going on behind the scenes. But with Scrivener 3 not yet out on Windows, it’s difficult for us to talk about future plans beyond that.

Really looking forward to whatever Keith and L&L develop and release, especially as Keith was talking about iCloud sync as recently as August last year, though perhaps not with Scrivener as we know it.