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This may be a minor issue, but is there an option to return to the old icon on my iphone? I noticed it changed and I prefer the old one. I have to say, I’m not the only one. This is being discussed in the author’s groups on Facebook and the new icon is disliked. There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Jus’ sayin…

Crosses arms, give stern look :imp:
Shouldn’t you be writing, instead of looking at your home screen? :smiling_imp:

I completely agree. I agree strongly enough that I came looking and took the time to register an account and write this reply this morning.

I’ve been using Scrivener for years. I love it. I love the old icon. In terms of both branding and IP, the original icon actually makes sense. To me, it says “writing,” “balance,” and “Scrivener.” I also like the way the split/duality of the Yin Yang-inspired mark reminds me of the subtle balance Scrivenings Mode brings, the split screen editing mode, and the duality and balance in the name of the company, itself: Literature and Latte.

The new icon? I honestly thought it was a bug and that it wasn’t sized and scaling correctly for an iPhone 6S, so the lower-right portion was cut off. Then, I installed the update on my iPad. Mmmmm, not a bug. We’re talking about Mac users here. By nature, esthetics, including typography, matter a great deal, and they pay more for it as part of a complete package.

This is going to sound a bit harsh…apologies. The new icon is a nondescript S that looks like the local printer for the adverts didn’t have the paper feed properly aligned when going through the press, and the S just isn’t printing where it’s supposed to be. I find the new icon/logo looks amateurish, nondescript, completely unidentifiable,

Changing a logo isn’t something that should be undertaken lightly. It is IP, and it’s your brand. Everyone knows Scrivener and identifies its iOS icon as its logo; therefore, the brand.

As far as non-productive comments that use huffy-puffy emoticons and nothing but smart Alec sarcasm:

Please change your icon back. It was both gorgeous and effective. And, ignore whoever gave you the advice to change it. He or she clearly gave you bad advice.

I’ll say that I do like the new icon. :slight_smile:

Personally, I like both icons, But I can see that the new icon is as distinctive as the old one, more contemporary and - inevitably - fresher.

World Keep Things In Proportion Day just seems to get earlier every year.

I agree. The icon now looks broken. I want a whole, unbroken icon!

I have to say I have never understood these concerns about icons. As long as they are distinctive enough to be easily identifiable on the occasions when I need to access them—more often on iOS, virtually never on my Macs—that’s all that matters to me. The new iOS icon is certainly distinctive; the Mac one is distinctive enough too, but since I have a totally minimalist desktop and dock, which is hidden and only shows active apps, finder and trash, I’m not concerned by the change.


FWIW, you could have copied these conversations almost word for word from the Scrivener 1 -> Scrivener 2 transition.

Death, taxes, and icon angst.


On Desktop, I agree. I don’t have any visible icons there.

But on iOS, the icon is needed, and always prominently visible on my home screen. I have it in the always visible bottom bar. And the new icon looks out of place. It looks like a bad crop, not like an icon.

Luckily I could revert to the old version of Scrivener, and I have no problems with that. So I’ll just not update. :wink:

Yes, I remember, and the angst over virtually every UI change between 1 and 2.


With icons, it’s always the same: there’s a bunch of people telling you that your icon is outdated and horrible and you should change it. One day, when you decide to change your icon, you get a bunch of people telling you that your new icon is horrible and that the old one was so much better. :slight_smile:

The new icon is lovely. We wanted to use the new branding and our cool new “S”, and the old icon was always a stopgap until we brought out 3.0. The old icon just looked like an old-fashioned desktop icon. We spent a lot of time on it playing with many different things, but thanks to the new flat look of iOS it is very difficult to come up with an interesting icon. An “S” centred on a background is boring as hell–there are about a billion apps using that sort of icon. We played with it a lot, and our graphic designer was adamant that we should have the “S” off-centre. He fought for it; we were unconvinced. Then I let the icon sit on my home screen for a day or so among other apps, and I realised he was right. It works beautifully. It’s modern, and it’s a close-up of the Scrivener 3 icon, which perfectly conveys what our iOS version is: a more focussed close-up of Scrivener, with just the core features that are possible on iOS to make it as powerful as it can be for that particular platform.

Of course, we knew that some users would hate it. That’s always the way with new icons. But fortunately we’ve had plenty of positive feedback too–which is also always the way. I predict that when we change the icon again in a few years, we’ll get lots of people telling us how much they hate the new icon and how this icon was perfect.

Embrace change! :slight_smile:

Is that the same graphics designer who came up with the web 3.0 site?

Interesting to read all the different views on icon design! In my opinion the new icon for both Mac and iOS are beautiful and modern. We all will get accustomed to them in a few years. Meanwhile I’ll eventually revert to my own Scrivener Icon derived from the original Ying-Yang. Unfortunately this is not going to work on iOS.

No. Although they are both hugely talented and have done amazing jobs. If you don’t like the new website I pity your taste. :slight_smile: We’ll take on feedback regarding forum tweaks, but the main website itself is lovely.

The website is pretty for looking at, indeed. Using, not so much. Kind of like the icon, which is rather … odd yet nondescript.

I’ll probably get used to the icon though, and I’m working on a CSS to make the website readable again. It’s a bit messy underneath, so not so easy to put together, but I’m getting there.

Your personal icon is a very nice design! A (very) slightly thicker black line extending to, and over, the top would create a subtle S.

Personally, when I hear “minimalist design,” it’s nails on chalkboard. The term is overused, rarely done right, and right up there with “Xxxxxx just got better.” Minimalist can be a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sometimes, it’s just … less.

For me, it’s not about being attached to the old design and not wanting it to change. I agree that it needed a refresh. This new icon simply looks broken. I know, it’s all personal taste, but blech. Every time I look at it, it looks like something my 14-year old nephew or the tech guy could make playing around with Photoshop. I actually checked for iOS updates again this morning before posting my first comment thinking that there’d be an update to fix it.

I don’t use the app for the icon, so I guess it matters little. For what it’s worth, the S, itself, is very nice.

De gustibus non est disputandem.

Learned that lesson in the iOS Scrivener beta… :smiley: Regarding the icon—when I tap on it, it launches. No problem finding it. Regarding the website—hate the forum font, but not willing to install an extension to change it. Otherwise… it looks more modern. I suppose that in itself is valuable, for who wants to buy something from a stodgy looking website?

The new iOS icon is borked! It is misaligned within the icon square being shifted to the right rather than centered and also shift down causing the bottom curve of the letter to be sliced off.

I hate to tell you this, but I think that’s by design not accident! :smiley: (Rule Number Five of brand identity: changes in logos and icons are always controversial - just ask the man in the UK who designed both the BBC and Channel 4 logos, which were very controversial when launched in the 80s and 90s but which have now survived in evolved forms for several decades, and have become embedded in the audiences’ perceptions of the channels. Incidentally - I think the L&L brand-ident animation topping the new Scrivener 3 videos is very good. )