Icon for 'label'?

Is there an icon for labelling folders? I usually use a keyboard shortcut, but is there an icon?

I don’t know of one and doubt it exists, because you’d need either a separate icon for each label, or an icon to open a separate label menu – and you’d still have to select the label itself.

There’s a Meta-data icon you can add to the main toolbar; it opens the panel for labels, status, and custom meta-data. I assume that’s what you’re using the shortcut to open?

It is not, MM. How do I find that Meta-data icon, please?

To make up for my previous misdirection — the icon is in the pane opened by the menu View > Customize Toolbar. The pane contains a number of icons so you have to scrutinise it carefully to find the one you want (which I failed to do). In mine, the Meta-Data icon is about halfway down the left-hand column. You click on it and drag it from the pane on to the application’s toolbar, drop it there and then press “Done”. Once the icon’s in the toolbar, clicking on it should open the “Label” window.

Thanks very much, Hugh, found that (on mine, second from right second from top), and have so dragged it. Many, many thanks for your help.