Icon Labels

I’m totally new to Scrivener. Great programme! But one small grizzle.

Is it possible to display toolbar icon LABELS (not just the bubble labels which appear after some seconds) but small text ones like the options Internet Explorer has. I looked around Tools/Options but have not (as yet) found such a feature. Yeah, yeah you could say “You’ll get used to them soon enough”, but I am not there now. Also if/when I add new buttons to a toolbar, they will take some time to remember and a texted icon is a quicker way to learn which can later be turned off if desired.

Did you programmers know that when writing and typing (in left brain mode) it is far quicker and easier to read a text label below an icon than it is to switch mindsets to right brain recognise a symbolic icon ???

So, if such a feature is not currently possible I would (respectfully) suggest it be added in the next upgrade. Thanks.

If you hover the mouse over the icon, an info tip with the name will appear. Text labels aren’t currently possible, but that may at least help you start to learn the different icons so you don’t have to think about it when reaching for one. The menu also lists the keyboard shortcuts (which you can modify in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options…), which will be the fastest way of performing actions while you’re in the midst of typing.

Thanks for that. I’ll use keyboard shortcuts until the next upgrade has icon labels :wink: