Icon (mis)use

Thought I’d bring iExcuse to Keith & David’s attention. A free iPhone “excuse generator” application that is using Scrivener’s icon.

The developer’s website is blank, clicking on the support link takes you to his Twitter page.

There doesn’t seem to be any malice involved, I suspect youthful naivety , but either way, not cool to use your logo.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Where do we report abuse to Apple? I’m trying to find out right now. Obviously I’m incredibly angry about this, but there doesn’t seem any obvious place to report this to Apple, grr.


Try Apple site about piracy. Technically unauthorised use of the logo isn’t piracy, but it’s the closest I can find without access to Apple’s iPhone developer tools. Apple shouldn’t quibble too much about definitions given that it’s blatant copyright theft using their software distribution channel (iTunes App Store).

Knew I’d seen it somewhere: Apple’s page for reporting breach of copyright.

Pfffbt. They didn’t even bother to alter it.

This app just reeks of originality…


The developer got back to me very quickly and apologised - he did indeed just find the icon on Google. :slight_smile: He’s offered to take the app down and change the icon, so now I feel bad for e-mailing about four Apple e-mail addresses in my drunken alarm last night, but I’m sure Apple won’t care if we’ve sorted it out between us.

This seems as good a place as any to ask. I’m (very slowly) putting together a website for myself. Would it be all right to use your logo on there along with a link to your homepage?

Definitely! Thanks for wanting to link to us. Alternatively we have some icons here:


Thanks again!

All the best,

Cool, thanks.

I don’t want to launch the site until I have a book contract in hand, so it may take a while. [/optimism]