Icons are just logos, and they don’t help us write at all. Whether it’s yin-yang or moleskine or a spiral notepad, the visual metaphor is archaic and as Marx would have it, a commodity fetish. I can’t think of a single emblem that conveys the oddity and complexity of writing in an electronic venue. Ink and paper don’t exist, and forget about the clatter of typewriter keys or the smell of carbon sheets and the smudge of white-out on fingers. If the icon is a gesture to that nostalgia alone, it fails to convey what most of us have said, that Scrivener is a new way to use IT to write.

It is but it is not without an honourable history… my new Scrivener icon is a quill!! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, I think icons are fun to play with and I love changing them around, especially in Dt Pro where I have hundreds of folders and thousands of files. Practically speaking, I find icons to be useful visual aids when trying to identify something from a binder or dock full of other icons.

So, the way we associate a program with something visual like an icon is not irrelevant in my mind. If it helps to use whatever one associates with a program, like a typewriter or moleskin or whatever, to help identify that program from other programs, then it is actually a very useful thing to spend some time thinking about this issue.

And never discount the fun factor!! Being able to play with icons allows one to be creative in an environment that can preclude a lot of creativity–where you are largely confined to someone else’s idea of what you can do and how you can manipulate that environment (unless you have Keith’s determinantion and developmental brilliance going for you).

Just my 2 cents!


Don’t worry, that’s already done and about to be published in a few weeks. :wink:

Talking of icons - what I always disliked about OS X is the uniform look of folders that are dragged in the dock. Then I found this useful shareware that does exactly what I was looking for:

i kinda like the yinyang, but for those looking for a VERY easy way to change icons, simply download micon: filewell.com/micon/

on the left box, you drop in scrivener from apps (it just pulls the icon/label when you drag) and then you pick your new icon and drop it on the box, you then have changed the icon without touching any commands or application info files…

there are soooo many free icons out there, might as well screw around with it…

I found my perfect scrivener icon via this link board.43folders.com/showthread.php?t=923 at 43folders.

I lub it 8) Just gotta add the yin/yang s as another snippet of paper, and it will be the PERFECT icon for me ^^

You know what? I would love it if any icon gurus out there could come up with something similar (AmberV? :slight_smile: ). Somehow take the current icon, mix it up with a moleskine, an index card and a post-it note or something. Dunno… Something like that…

I usually don’t change application icons. But since I’m using Scrivener exclusively for writing screenplay drafts, I had fun changing the icon to the classic typewriter key … source of the industry standard Courier font. There was a method to my madness. I like it’s historical relevance.