This is a great programme and has altered my whole method of working. The tiniest blemish in this perfect world is the Icon. I feel embaressed to see it sitting with the others in its stark monochrome livery. I feel a little embaressed to have ying-yang emblems sitting on my dock anyhow!

Seriously guys, great programme.

Hmmm, I don’t really know how the Scr. icon came to be. Being a philosophy major and deeply steeped in a yogic practice, of course I love the icon!

But it’s not just for us yin/yang types. The icon also has an ‘S’ shape for Scrivener. And there are little quotation marks on either side. All indicating its status as a writing program. And there’s the idea of bringing together what can also seem oppositional–th need creative freedom and the need for form and structure, left and right brain functions, whatever. Heck, you could have some fun with this idea.

So no need to be embarrassed! You can forget the yin/yang implications of the icon and just appreciate its writerly qualities! :slight_smile:

Icons are probably one of the easiest things to customise with an application. If you do not care for the icon, find one you do like, and using the Finder, “Get Info” on the icon you like, click on the icon itself and press Cmd-C to copy it. Then get info on Scrivener, click on its icon, and press Cmd-V. If Scrivener is currently running, you may have to restart it to see the changes.

Hahahaha, that’s quite an icon you have pictured there!

The icon was AmberV’s implementation of an idea I had to combine a yin-yang symbol with the S of Scrivener. It is ultimately AmberV’s work, and I happen to really like it. :slight_smile:

Perfect, and thoughtfully executed…would not change a thing.

I’ve had fun with this from time to time as well. This is my current favorite icon for my favorite writing application! A classic typewriter key … although in a perfect world it would be the letter s.

Well, maybe Keith would consider changing the name of the program so the “r” would work.

Rivener. Riveter. Ribbeter, for our froggy friends. RiteStuff. “Return&Tab in Index Cards Ain’t Gonna Happen!”.

A simple diagonal line, in a soft, anti-alias grey, from upper right to lower left would make the current icon S representation look more like a pair of YinYang Rs.

Thanks Amber for this gracious response!!
I tried your suggestion but couldn’t seem to make it work but don’t give it any more thought. I can live with the icon.:wink:

Thanks for all your responses on this forum. Scrivener has changed my entire way of working. I love it.

This is mine:


For what it’s worth, I’m actually quite fond of yin-yang icon.
I find it to be quite refreshing.

Well you know? I am rather fond of it, too – but hey. Thanks James. :slight_smile:

P.S. I do quite like Heilemann’s Moleskine. I think it would look neat with the current Scrivener icon on it.

I was thinking exactly the same thing - a combination of the two would look cool. But I am guessing that the one Heilemann is using is from a free icon site, which would mean that it would not be for use in a commercial app…


A yin-yang moleskine?

Perfection in an icon for scrivener.

I’d love to know where you got your Moleskin icon, Heilemann. I downloaded some a while back from…


…but yours is much, much better. I love the idea of a Moleskin customized with Amber’s yinyang, which is quite brilliant! (not sure that came out quite right :confused: ).



I got 'em from pixelpressicons.com/.

Am I missing something here? I have two pains side by side showing Scrivener info and the new icon info, but I don’t seem to be able to engage either icon. Cmd-C will not copy the picture of the icon. And yet all you guys out there are having such fun changing your icons. Just think of the time I could be wasting changing all my icons if I could only get this to work. :wink:

You have to left click the icon you want to copy in the information window first, so that a light blue border appears around it. Then cmd-c copies it, now left click the target icon you want to change and press cmd-v. Oh, the precious time lost … :wink:

OK let me waste a little more of your precious time…

I see Scrivener in the Finder in Apps. I right click it and choose ‘get info’. The pne opens with the official Scrivener icon. Now I find an icon of my choice and go through the same process, so that I now have two panes side by side. BUT I cannot ‘left click’ either of these icons in the ‘get info’ panes. I click but don’t get the ‘light blue border’. So am I doing something really stupid?

I have been clicking the wrong icon! I was clicking the preview image not the one in the top left corner. Sorry to have wasted your time. You can get back to your masterpiece now. :wink: