Icons for in binder

Is there a way to set the icon in the binder for a folder/document? I noticed that at least the research folder is different and I also saw a screeny where items would have a colour in the binder. This would be handy for me to see quickly in the search result what kind of item I am looking at (ie. character card, scene, location etc.)

I’d like to do that, too. Also, is it possible to increase the font size in the Binder?

It’s not currently possible to change the icon itself, but you can apply labels to items and choose to have the label colour displayed in the binder. You can apply a label to an item via the inspector or by right-clicking the item in the binder, corkboard, or outliner and choosing from the Label menu. (The latter method allows you to change the label for multiple items at once.) View > Use Label Color In > Binder shows the label as a coloured bar behind the item and Use Label Color In > Icon colors just the icon for a more subtle effect.

Documents in script mode use a different icon to help identify them; their icon is a pale yellow sheet with the appearance of three holes punched down the left side.

You can adjust the binder font in the Appearance tab of Tools > Options; I’m not on Windows at the moment but I believe it’s in the “General” list of the Fonts section.

Thanks, MM. It’s as you say: Tools/Options/Appearance/Fonts/General/Binder.