I don’t believe there is a way to change folder icons in the Windows version. Why is that? It seems like something rather simple that allows the user to really personalize their binder, yet it’s left off of the Windows version. I must say I’m really disappointed that Mac users seem to get all the new features first and we Windows users get left behind.

You’re not left behind… you’re catching up! Mac users had to do without many features for years before they were added, including custom icons in the binder, which only came with version 2. The good news is that you’re getting additional features at a much more rapid pace, so that eventually, there should be parity between the two platforms. You also have features that didn’t exist in the Mac version 1, like collections.

And as a programmer, I can assure you that even the simplest features require weeks of work to implement. It’s never as easy as it seems, even to the programmer who decides to add that feature.

I know it’s frustrating – I use the windows version occasionally, and miss some of the features from the Mac 2.x version, but the alternative is to have an unstable mess, with all the same features, that eats your manuscript and scrambles your hard drive.

I am also new to this program. I probably didnt read the manual as good as I should, but the shortcuts that I was sooo glad to find was: F5, F6, F7, F8 as they change the way the colour is shown in different parts of the listings.