I'd like Scrivener to use "my" Normal.dotm


When I export/compile my work for (Windows) Word Document (*.docx) I’d like Scrivener to use the defaul Word Template (Normal.dotm).

How do I get Scrivener to do that?

Thanks in advance!

As no one has replied, I’ll give it a try… though I may be wrong. Take this with a grain of salt. Be sure you have backups before trying anything.

Are you running the current version of Scrivener, If not, or at least if not running a 1.6 or 1.7 version, you should probably upgrade Scrivener.

What version of Microsoft Office/Word is installed on your system? The information may prove useful to someone else who reads this thread.

Check in Scrivener, in Tools > Options > Import/Export and click and check to see what converters are specified in the Import Converters and Export Converters settings.

Assuming you have Microsoft Office/Word on your system, I would guess these should be set to use via Microsoft Office. With that assured, I would guess the rest of the process is up to Microsoft Office/Word, based on its settings. If that doesn’t work, I suppose you could try the other converters available in the dropdown lists. Not sure, you may need to exit and restart Scrivener after making such changes, for them to take effect.

Beyond that, you might try doing a search (via search field in upper right hand corner of the forum web page) on “normal.dotm” (and also “normal.dot”, to be safe) and review the discussions (somewhat outdated I think) that it appears in to see if that turns up anything useful or meaningful.

Beyond that, you might post the problem to the Scrivener folks via the appropriate email address listed at
See the Contact Technical Support section at the top.

Hope the above is correct and of some assistance.

I’m afraid there’s no way to control this. Scrivener uses a third-party tool for conversion to DOC and DOCX, and even when accessing the Microsoft libraries, there’s no way to specify a template file for its base.