Idea cataloging

I, like I’m sure most writers, continuously am having ideas of some notion I would like to include into an as of yet undetermined location in my text and Scrivener is rife with opportunities for capturing these ideas. The comments features, scratchpad and notes are effective tools for idea capturing. It would be excellent if Scrivener could take this one step further into idea cataloging and management.

It seems a great benefit to be able to capture an idea with a few word summary, short body, have a check box to denote the idea has been applied and a manner of recording where in the overall text the idea was applied, possibly even being able to link back to the area(s) of application. Making the idea catalog searchable would also be important.

Personally, I am plagued with having an idea, recording it, forgetting it, having it again and then recording it somewhere else. It can be a problem to have an idea, record it, come back to it and apply it only to find later I had applied it someplace earlier resulting in redundancy. Also a problem is applying an idea to the text, knowing I applied the idea to the text, but not quite remembering where I applied the idea to the text.

Just a bit of spontaneous food for thought as I have just once again stumbled over duplicity in idea application.


Hi Steve,

Why not just set up an “Ideas” folder with a custom icon in the binder? Then just move it into place in the Draft when the time seems right?

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Oh, I’m not implying that the situation is unworkable as it is. I’m just suggesting that there is an opportunity exists for a nice, unique feature to manage the need in a consistent, well structured manner. Just like I had read when looking for a tool to help me manage my book writing in general, “the writing assist tools are pointless, the whole writing process can be managed just fine with a modern word processor.” Yes, it can, but man am I glad I am using Scrivener to provide the structure and ease of management the tool delivers.

All the best right back atcha,

I have an entire Scrivener project just for idea snippets that don’t have actual projects attached to them (in which case, I use a section in that project for them). I have extensive keyword and status stuff setup to keep them at least under an illusion of control.


It definitely sounds like idea management is something being dealt with on many levels. Kudos to you Jen for getting it under wraps. I’m just happy to have broken the post-it habit. :slight_smile: