Ideas to make Scapple a bit better

Hello Scapple lovers,

I really enjoy doing mind map on Scapple on my MacBook. Just love it! Then I tried to compare Scapple with other mind map apps to see what Scapple could be lack of. What I can see is that

  1. Scapple does not support embedded videos: So all I can do is insert a website link into a note, and select the text link and right-click to look it up. It does pop up preview of the link with the video. But the thing here is that it takes a little bit of process to see the video and at first glance I would have no idea what that link is about (it does not have the option to convert the link to designated texts)

  2. Scapple does not have built-in set of icons. I do not mind much as I find another solution (using keyboard shortcut ⌃ ⌘ spacebar to pop up emoji generator). However, the emoji is quite small so I have to increase the text size. What I want is just to focus on the emoji size not the text size next to it, but it seems like when you increase/decrease text size, it would affect the whole note. More set of icons and specific text/icon edited not the whole note would be nice.

  3. Connection Label is uneditable. I just want to make it larger or change its color to make it stand out.

  4. New types of connection lines and editing? What if I want a straight line not dotted line? What if I want to change connection line color?

I still encourage to keep Scapple simple and intuitive to use. But on the other hand, these changes would enhance the power Scapple could give to its users. It does not make the software more complicated, contrastingly it adds more variety and freedom of choices to make.

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