Identifying child documents (items) as such

:arrow_right: Looking at, working in, an item that is a child item, is there a way to see that it is in fact a child, some clue in the Scrivener app window that tells me the item’s container, document or folder? Or better, shows me the parent’s name? (And better still–the item’s siblings!!! I have enabled the Parent’s sub-item counter so I know the reverse.)

(This assumes that neither the suitably positioned Binder nor a relevant outline is displayed.)

I am thinking about some cue that I would get were I for instance to do a Project Search that found children but not their parents.

Such a cue would be of use, particularly when thinking about an item in a Collection.
(Looking forward I have hopes that the Collections panel will be expanded to show as many of my 20+ Collections as possible, that I will be able to work from there. In such a case the Binder would not be (mostly) visible.

… And then ‘knowing’ that there is an out of sight parent, quick navigation to it would be of use—even were that not a keystroke. :confused:
Or a way to open it in the other Editor.

(This is related to a note elsewhere, about seeing somewhere on-screen, not the full path to the item, merely its folder: Here, I’m changing that to ‘… merely its container’.)

Perhaps these shortcuts will help?

Showing the item in the binder:

  • Ctl+shift+8 (View > Reveal in Binder)

Going to the item’s container:

  • Alt+shift+left (View > Go to > Enclosing container)

Going to the editor selection

  • Alt+shift+right (View > Go to > Editor selection)

thanks brookter,

Yes, these would sometimes help:
But Reveal in Binder works only if I have the Binder displayed (which I mostly do), but even then, only when I’m not working with a Project Search hit list (which conversely, I often am);
View … Container does not work in a binder view of a Collection (which is often the case for me);
View … Editor selection likewise.

It would be nice to not have to apply a key/click each time I opened a document – particularly for Project Search hits – to know that the document is tied intimately to another.
I was thinking more along the lines of seeing it at a glance, not via additional keystrokes: Seeing it indicated for example on the editor’s header bar – for both a sub-doc and a principle, container, document.
(The operation of your suggestions for all binder like views constitutes a Wish List item I suppose :wink:, along with my ‘no binder visible’ and ‘header notification’ thoughts. And thinking a bit further as a Wish, there could be a default switch somewhere that says ‘Open documents (only) in Scrivening mode’ when applicable :exclamation: :unamused: )

And yes, there are workarounds – a keyword, which requires that the Inspector Key pane is opened to know (?);
a tag line on both the principle and the sub document, or a S. link;
inclusion of the sub-doc in the principle’s text;
using a different Scrivener entity for the inherent additional text/info;
but as i know it (as still a S. abecedarian) that would for my general purposes mostly remove from Scrivener’s bag of tricks the sub-doc leg-up S. has over my previous ‘writing’ tool.