If I buy Windows version, can I sync with my Mac version files?

I’m pretty sure the answer is YES but just checking: I’m a longtime Scrivener user on my Mac and iOS but recently also acquired a PC laptop. If I purchase the Windows version of Scrivener, am I correct that I can sync with my Mac Scrivener files? Advice appreciated, thanks. If it’s too complicated, I may just stick with using my iPad when writing on the road.

Yes, you can use Dropbox to sync to your PC the same way you can between Mac and iOS.

Hello Inkygirl. Yes, you can work across platforms with relative ease.

We have a Knowledge Base article outlining key points for working across platforms, and you might start with reviewing it.

If you’re already working with iOS and Dropbox, then adding the PC to your workflow will be similar to accessing your project from your Mac.

You might look at our cross-grading pricing.

Thanks, RuthS. Gah, I started reading through all the articles…sounds like the risk of something going wrong if I screw up is way too high, and the part about file paths etc sounds complicated. Going to stick with Scrivener just for my Mac and iOS until I have a solid chunk of time to figure it out. Thanks for your help!

I use both MacOS and Windows versions. I move back and forth pretty seamlessly as long as I only have a project open on one computer at a time and I wait for OneDrive to sync on the cloud. I’m pretty sure it would work just as well with iCloud if that is what you prefer. So, close Scrivener on my Windows desktop. Wait a minute or two and then open on my MacBook Air. No problem.

If you open the project on two computers you will be given a warning. Just cancel, close the project on the other computer wait a minute or so and try again.

Just a hint: Set up the editing fonts to be the same on both systems. I use Georgia and Arial which is available for both Windows and MacOS. Except for the CTL vs CMD keyboard short cuts, it’s can be pretty easy to forget which OS you are using.

Just a suggestion: as you are using technology to do writing very important to you, it may be worth your while to take time out and take some steps to get yourself more comfortable with that technology. Today it is the Windows/Mac sync risk you see for which you face with “avoidance” – a valid risk management strategy. But tomorrow it will be another risk you notice, then then after that another one pops up. Ways to get more comfortable are many, but perhaps try experimenting, get a coach, ask here, do the Scrivener Tutorial, read the Scrivener manual for those sections covering the risks you perceive…whatever might work for you. Just a suggestion.