If i purchase Scrivener now (Win), will i get the Scriv 3 update for free when it is available?

Hi! i want to get the software but i don’t know if i must wait for the release of Scrivener 3, or if it’s ok to purchase it now and i will receive the update automatically.

Thanks very much!

You will be eligible for the upgrade to Scriv 3 for free if you purchase the current windows version.

On the other hand, if you’re not using v. 1.9 already, it’s probably more sensible to go with the v. 3 “Beta” versions, now at RC1 and purchase when it’s finally launched commercially. Although I’m a Mac user, I can tell you that the changes from v. 2—the equivalent to Windows v. 1.9—were such that it took time to get familiar with it. As the Betas have been stable for a long time, I’d go with that.

To me, the only downside—not that it is something that would upset me—is having to update very regularly until full release.