If I start my novel

Will I lose all of the work I have done on June 30th or will I be able to retrieve it?


Hi Ann,

The next beta will be out by the time the current one expires, so you’ll just need to upgrade to that beta (using Help>Check for Updates… from within the program or downloading and installing fresh, whatever you prefer) and you’ll be able to continue working; you won’t need to do anything to your projects. Scrivener also stores all of your text as regular RTF files, so they’re always retrievable if for some reason you needed to extract them from a project. You can also compile your draft from within Scrivener to export all of your writing as a single manuscript (you can compile to various formats such as PDF, .rtf, .doc, and others). This is how you’ll ultimately bring your work out of Scrivener to do the final format polishing in a word processor or to send to your publisher, etc., but it’s also what yo’d want to do if you choose to stop using Scrivener or just want to be able to have a tidy copy of your complete manuscript as a backup.

Since you’re using a Beta version, it’s a good idea to back up your work as regularly as possible anyway if you’re not already doing so. You have to baby a Beta.