If there's no "Sync" on Windows....

how do I send my stuff to Dropbox?

Okay, I’m a technophobe to some extent. I use Scrivener on Windows and save my work to a flash drive for backup. However, I’m writing a novel and need to let Beta readers access my work. I watched the User Video Tutorial and was ecstatic to see that I could simply sync my work to Dropbox at the press of a button…and then I find out that there is no sync on Windows…

So, what do I do?

I could just copy onto lots of flash drives, it’s an option. I’d like to use Dropbox or something similar though.

Can you help?


Suz :confused:

Hi Suz,

In the binder, select the documents you want to send, then choose File > Export > Files… and save them to your shared Dropbox. This is on the whole probably a safer option than the sync would be, because there’s no risk of you accidentally syncing any changes your readers make back into your project and replacing your originals. If you do have your betas make edits right on the paper, you can always re-import those files into your project (you may want to make a new “Reader Comments” folder or such to contain them) or copy and paste directly over your original if you do want to replace it.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for your help with this. It all looks so simple when you explain. I did tend towards the Export files thing but was terrified of losing everything if it failed. My goodness me, I have never been so freaked out at the thought of losing something as much as I am this blooming novel!

Thanks again for your help. I would be a wreck without you guys!

Have a great day.

Suz :smiley: