I'm getting too many letters when using Project Replace


I’ve just started writing my NaNo and my protagonists name is Elliott with two t’s. Not a common name in swedish, but that’s what I wanted.

After writing a chapter where I realised I sometimes misspelled it with one and sometimes spelled it right with two t’s, I thought I would use Project Replace under Edit>Find>Project Replace.
I wrote Elliot in the “Replace:” box and Elliott in the “With:” box and expected it to correct those misspelled ones I thought I’d made.

The result came out: Elliottt with three t’s! Everywhere except in Document names. Those went unchanged.

I then wrote Elliottt in the “Replace:” box and Elliott in the “With:” box that corrected it.

And I was able to reproduce it!


That doesn’t sound like a bug at all to me, but just the normal result of what you did. If you chose to replace “Eliot” with “Eliott”, then everywhere “Eliot” occurred it would become “Eliott” and everywhere “Eliott” occurred (which contains “Eliot” - ELIOTt") it would become “Eliottt” (ELIOTt would become ELIOTTt). This should have been avoided if you had checked “Whole words only”, though.

Hope that helps.


Whole words only. Ok, got it!