I'm Last!!!

Well, I just registered and downloaded my free trial of Scrivener. When I registered for this forum, I took a look at the Member List. Do you realize that there are 335 pages as of right now? So I wanted to find my name. Hey, I’m last on the 335th page! :open_mouth:

I’m going to do the tutorial tomorrow and see if this Scrivener stuff is as good as it looks. Stay tuned for further results.


Tom, the new guy from Minnesota.



Jeezzz! Here we go again, another lamb to the slaughter. :open_mouth:
Will there be no end to all this suffering? :cry:
Welcome aboard, young Thomas… If ‘welcome’ is the appropriate expression, that is?
You’ll become inured to the pain… eventually.

Edit: I should’ve said, ‘hopefully’ instead of ‘eventually’, sorry :frowning:

Take that as a typical Vic-K friendly welcome, Tom. The Scrivener community is really great, welcoming and helpful. Off-topicking and humour is rather the order of the day, with Vic-K as the Grand Master of all deviations, but when you need support, help or advice, you’ll get it, from the community as well as the Lit&Lat team.

A more normal welcome to you.


Mr X

Mr X,

While you are an upstanding citizen of your country, and the word even, I dare to suggest that “normal” is not a word you should freely use as an adjective to any activity you undertake. With a history such as yours, could any present action, understanding that all present actions are arrived at as results of past actions, be remotely normal? I think not. Consider your history as explained on these forum and this one extracted event that I shall paraphrase:

I will concede that you did prefix “normal” with “more”.

As to Tom… this is all par for the course in the “free for all” realm. While we attempt restraint, there are members of the forum who can not resist an opportunity to learn something new, make a good humored jest, or, plain old derail a topic. As a ket member of the aforementioned group, allow me to welcome you to the last place you should be when you have a deadline. We hope to provide you every opportunity for procrastination and distraction.

Hi Tom,

Welcome! :smiley:

Let us know how about your experiences with Scrivener. Ask questions if you have any, and feel free to join in the banter on board the pirate ship otherwise known as the Scrivener forums.


First welcome aboard, keep an eye on your wallet and your underwear under close guard. Vic-k likes to take money out of wallets and put exact change back in but in old rusty coins and balls of yarn. He then takes everyone’s knickers and sews them into pirate sails in hope he can get his not so hidden row aboat afloat so he can boat ashore and steal Jaysen’s BBQ and beer from his new almost ocean front property.

As to being last you are not. You are actually first. Everyone here at SCR is horrible at math (I think its the booze, coffee, duct tape brownies, and of course the ageless zingers) so the 335 may be a miscalculation in they physics aspect of the square root of Pie vs Brownie. So be forewarned you will find your self in a perpetual state of procrastination in these depths of the interwebs and your thread is about to be HIJACKED!

This thread is now about words that rhyme with Minnesota!




[size=200]COCA COLA

Rhyme… In many places the Desoto of yesteryear rhymed with Minnesota. There are still a few around these parts.

In Minnesota, we have over 10,000 lakes to floata your boata.

HEY!!! Like it! Like it!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Welcome aboard, Tiger Tom! :wink: :smiling_imp:

Lee Iacocca fled North Dakaota while drinking soda in his boata


As an upstanding citizen of my country, Jaysen my friend, I am careful with my wording; as you observe, I did not claim normalcy, I distinctly said “more normal” as one can be more normal than Vic-K without claiming to be “normal”. :laughing:

And also I should correct you … we drove from Bangkok to London, not Europe to China. I did attempt in 1967 to reach China via the Trans-Siberian Railway, but Mao’s "Great Cultural Revolution” put the kybosh on that — if the GCR had started a couple of weeks later I would have been in real trouble! — and, while there I did think about driving back to the UK — if driving’s the word — on a beautiful Changjian military motorbike with side-car … a design sold by BMW to Russia in 1928 — the Jupiter in Russia — and sold to China by the Russians around 1949. But uncertainties round the “-istans” and in the wilder parts of Russia made that too dangerous an idea for a 60+ year-old.

Mr X

There was a old man from Minnesota,
Who fished from a boat in the water,
The fish did decide,
To pull him under (he died),
And now he’s just a rancid floater.

Welcome to the forum, Tom. :smiley:

[size=150]That, :unamused: is[/size] [size=150]just awful!![/size]

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
If you were 60+ in 1967, how old are you now?

All bow before the venerable one. Speak s-l-o-w-l-y and [size=150]loudly[/size] and wait quietly if he has a nap midsentence.

He lives in a state – Minnesota –
Where for writers there’s likely a quota
Of words that are foreign.
Norwegian? A torrent,
But Greek? Not a single iota.


Nah … it took another 30 years before I finally made it to China. And then a few years before I went there to work … I may regard myself as antediluvian, but in calendar age, I’m pushing 69 now. It was when living and working there that I concieved this dream of returning overland to Europe on one of these:


It’s a 750 cc flat twin, shaft-driven with reverse gear. In Xiamen, a law was passed ca. 2000 saying no new, as opposed to existing, motorbikes would be licenced on the island, and on the mainland part of Xiamen, you couldn’t own a bike of over 125 cc, because these things — and their really hideous modern-styled (ahem!) versions can’t keep up with anything over 125 cc.

Mr X

Edited for more info.

youtube.com/watch?v=DNjzzDNIJWw Well hot dawg!! You old Easy Rider, you. :wink: :smiling_imp:

Although I kind of enjoyed the idea of centenarian riding a motorbike along the silk road. An almost septuagenarian works too. :smiley:

Yeah … would be great, but given the state of the world between, there’s a definite doubt whether he would arrive in one piece.


Mr X