I'm not sure if I can call myself a writer


I dont know where and how to start, but ill just say whats in my mind, I like writing and i like sharing my thoughts, i started doing that like 3 years ago whee i found out that or believed that i can write, till some point i wanted to write a short story and i did in 2018, it wasnt the best but at least i did it, i was so happy and proud that i managed to do that, and then after a few months i went back to read my story and it was bad in my opinion, alot of writing mistakes and grammars, my english isnt perfect but that didnt stop me from writing and tying to improve, so other thing that i noticed about my writings is the lack of details sometimes, and im working hard to fix it, i get really excited when i have idea or thoughts to write, but i didnt really find that excitement in case reading a book, im more a writer then being a reader if that what is called,

I used on Scrivener like 4 days now and i like it, so i bought it and i hope this is a new path and journey to success.

i started an idea late 2018 and i started writing that on 2019 and i already wrote 5000+ words but after watching a few videos about writings a found out that i was kinda doing it wrong, so now im trying to avoid the mistakes that i did and try to do the best i can to become a good writer, and most of my writings is about emotions, feelings and fictions.

i felt i needed to get this out of my chest because its hurts me when i see myself as bad writer or not as writer at all, writing can build an infinite worlds where we can experience and explore a new journey each time we read or write.

thank you.

oh my.

exan, you are already better than the vast majority of people out there. i say this because i see three excellent qualities in your post…

one – you have proven that you know how to finish a tale. so many people who want to write, never get round to finishing anything. you have at least one complete short story under your belt. well done. that get-to-the-end-of-the-story attitude is a big part of what it takes to be a writer and you have shown you have it early.

two – you have described a strong desire to keep telling stories and sharing them, as well as a deep emotional connection to what you write. this desire is where new stories come from; where the itch to improve is born. speaking of which…

three – you have shown an ability to be self-critical, to read what you have already produced and learn from it. this openness to feedback – whether from yourself or from others – is essential to improving and becoming the best you can be. the fact that you are able to be honest with yourself and translate that into actual useful areas for development that you can practice is an incredibly good sign.

my advice also comes in threes…
one – keep writing as much as possible.
two – seek as much feedback as possible, both from your own re-reading of your work, but also from others; join a writing group and share willingly to learn from everyones experience, not just your own.
three – read as much as possible, and as widely as possible. you say this does not excite you as much as writing but the more you read, the more all the finer details will soak into your soul and become part of how you see the world and your own writing. reading really is what accelerates you on your writing journey.

best of luck and have fun

thank you so much for your words and tips, you really made my day