I'm not sure why I haven't done this yet

Hey, ya’ll. I’ve been using scrivener for over twelve years now and have been a member in this forum for just about as long. I don’t really post much but I tend to be most active when checking out new releases, beta testing, or drama. I’m the fairly obvious fly on the wall trying to get as close as I can to the whatever chaos is ensuing.

Anyway, I’ve been writing for most of my life. I’m currently about to start the 3rd draft of my 5th novel. I’ve written four out of those five in Scrivener, and many of my short stories as well. I’m pretty sure some of us have been following each other on Twitter for years.

Anyway, work on the book is happening fast now as it’s mostly paring down word count and cleaning up structure. I think this is finally the one that makes it past a query.

Good luck to all of y’all on whatever it is you’re working on and if you’re out there on the internet, feel free to say hi.


Twelve years is a long time. Stick around the forums from now on, I might learn a thing or two from your posts. Thanks!

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