I'm obviously missing something...

I’m trying to write something in MMD (ie purely text, using hashtags for heading levels, ‘>’ for quote paragraphs etc), in Scrivener’s editor, then compile to an ODT so LibreOffice will open it using those heading levels, etc, as styles.

I’ve tried a bunch of Compile presets and settings to ‘odt’, but LibreOffice always opens a file that has the hashtags, etc. rather than using styles.

I’m a returning Scriv user (on both Mac and then Windows when it became available, been on the betatesting list…) - I know my way round the Compile settings in general. I used MMD in a standalone text editor routinely. But for the life of me I can’t figure out what I need to click on to make it work in Scrivener.

Am I missing something in Scriv? Or do I need to have LibreOffice set up a specific way?


Nevermind. I was missing something - the ‘MMD as flat ODT’ output. All works fine now…