I'm really curious about scrivener for Acer Chromebook Laptop tablet

Would there happen to be a way to install Scrivener on an Acer Chromebook Laptop Tablet? I’m using version 3 in trial form for nano currently. I’m really liking it. I would love to have a copy on my tablet laptop. If it is possible? I have linux currently enabled on the chromebook.

Check the linux board. The answer should be yes, under Wine.

As long as the Chromebook is Intel/AMD x86/x64 based, not ARM or Atom. Since WINE is not a processor emulator, the executables you intend to run need match the processor architecture you are running WINE on (WINE is a glorified library linker.)

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These are my specs and what I get when trying to install from the download files. Tryin


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g to figure out how to get it into linx folder.

Can’t get photos on here to show you. It won’t let me
Intel Celeron N4000 1.1Ghz Dual core.

It also says not compatible was designed using windows pc

You can try Crossover for Chrome. It is a commercial product by the folks who created WINE. (There are also versions for MAC and Linux.) It will allow you to run Windows programs on Chrome OS.
There’s a trial period, just like for Scrivener, so you can see if it will run before purchasing.

Your suggest I tried it will not install on my tablet.

Have you read this thread?

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