I'm unable to add any new Note Styles


It seems Scapple will not let me add my own Note Styles. Restarting my Mac/Scapple doesn’t help.
What I’ve tried so far:

  • Using ‘New Note Style From Selection’
  • Using ‘Redefine Note Style’
  • Dragging a custom formatted note to ‘Note Styles’ in the inspector

The only things that work for me are:

  • Deleting a note style (I still can’t add a new note style even after deleting an existing one)
  • Copy/pasting a style directly from one note to another

Is anyone able to shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance

It might help if you said which version of Scapple you have installed, and which version of MacOS? For instance, if you’ve just upgraded to Big Sur, but are running an older version of Scapple, you can expect problems … you need to install the latest version.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for replying. This is what I’m running:

macOS Sierra
Version: 10.12.6

Version: 1.4


I’m sorry I can’t help you further. Although I have Scapple, I’ve never really used it.

However, even worse is the fact that my 2011 MBP running High Sierra, on which I have Scapple, stopped working on Friday night, so I can’t even play around to see if I experience the same.( A search suggests that it is the PRAM battery which has failed … I sincerely hope so because that should be repairable, otherwise my bank account is going to take a very big hit!)

But someone else who has more experience of Scapple will come along soon, I hope,



Post edit: I’ve just remembered that people in https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/unable-to-scroll-down/93752/1 were having other problems with 1.4 on MacOS 10.13 and maybe earlier so they downgraded to Scapple 1.3. I didn’t have the problems they reported, though.