iMac and Mac Air on one license?

My darling wife got me this software for Valentine’s Day yesterday. I have a registration code in my email. My question is whether I’m permitted to activate the software on both by desktop iMac and my Mac Air notebook? Depending on the day and my travels, I use both and want to write on both. Can I activate both on one serial #? If not, I need to think long and hard before I install and pick one computer.

Trust me! I’m only one user; this is not a subtle scam to save $50. LOL


Multiple Registrations and Activation
If you would like to register your software on more than one machine, the licence stipulations generously allow for that. Please read the licence agreement, in particular, clauses 1 & 2, under General, for further details on what your options are.

Link to license agreement:

In short: yes, you can install on the machines that you use, and on the computers of family who live with you. In other words, maybe not your son/daughter in college, definitely not your cousin who lives in another country, but certainly your computers and your wife’s computers.

Thanks for the prompt reply! That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

No cousins here. They’re all in prison.