Image captions and Images separated after Compile

Hello, I have a large number of images tagged like this <$img:TITLE;w=400>. They compile fine. My captions for these images are in simple text, however, and often get “separated” from the images after Compiling into MS Word (by ‘separated’ I mean that they are often left behind on a previous page if the image is too big to fit on that page). Is there a simple way to “bind” the caption to the image so that they always appear together, even if the image jumps to a new page in Word? One way to deal with this would be to write the captions after the image tag, but I need the captions to appear at the top of the images, not the bottom. I would rather format this in Scrivener, because reformatting captions for 100 images in Word after every Compile is time-consuming. Thanks for any tips you have!


Use Format > Text > Keep with Next on your image captions. This will force them to stay on the same page as the following paragraph, so that if your images get pushed onto the next page, the captions will go with them.

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Simple and elegant solution!