Image in Draft

Image in Draft.

As a long, long time user…almost 3 weeks!.. I’m curious about why I have an image in a compiled PDF of a selection of documents in the Draft folder. It was my understanding that Draft only handled/allowed text.

The sequence:

A note was created with Apple’s Notes app on an iPad Pro 9.7. The created note contained text and an image created from within the Notes app. The resultant note (both text and image) was emailed to my gmail account. Gmail mail was opened on a Macbook Pro and copied so I could access it with Finder. The file was dragged from Finder to a new blank document in a sub-folder of Draft in a pre-existing project. Both text and image came over.

While the image is there in its original document location in Draft, it can’t be moved to a different location in Draft. That it can’t be copied into a new document seems appropriate (i.e. consistent with the idea of Draft = text only. )

However, I don’t understand why it could be moved into Draft to start with or why, for that matter, it comes up in the “compiled for print” PDF, happily sharing a page with the associated text from the original Notes note.

I assume my long years (I mean, weeks) of use of Scrivener has left me with a hole or two in my knowledge.

By the bye, I hesitated for a couple of years to bite on this software. So far, I am really wondering why. While I am using only a tiny fraction of its capabilities, it hasn’t been at all difficult to start using it. Not that much of the learning curve has to be climbed to be able to get on with things. (I have to date only got through the first 100 pages of the manual.)


PS The image looks kind of nice on the page with the text! But I don’t understand why it is there.

This what the Scrivener Manual says (page 30 in my version) about what can be included in the Draft folder:

“The Draft folder is where you place all of the pieces of text you want to include in your final manuscript. As such, the Draft folder is unique in that it can only hold text files and folders—it cannot directly hold image files, PDF files, QuickTime media or web pages as other folders can, though it is of course perfectly possible to embed figures into the text itself, much as you would in a word processor, at the editor level.”

It sounds as if the last part of that statement applies.

P.S. Welcome to Scrivener, and the forum, *sleep.

Ah, there you have it. Thanks, Hugh.

And now that you have quoted it, I do remember reading that. But it obviously didn’t stick. I was left with the “text only, text only” thing ringing around my otherwise mostly empty skull.

Thanks for your time and the welcome.