Image Insertion Question(s)

Hi all-
Relatively new to Scrivener, and while I mostly like the program, I am still way down on the learning curve, struggling occasionally with relatively simple things. For example, today’s question on images:

I’m starting a new book that will have a large number of images used throughout. I really like the idea of inserting images that are linked to files (i.e., Edit/Insert/Image Linked to File), as it will allow me to use the same image in multiple locations throughout the book, but also allow me to come back later and make changes and edits to an image that will then flow throughout the book when completed…

…but here’s the problem: it doesn’t seem to work. When I insert an image linked to a location on my computer, Scrivener seems to just insert a big blurry rectangle with a pseudo dog-eared corner to represent the image. I’ve also tried to just insert the image without linking (i.e., Edit/Insert/Image From File) but I get the same result. How do I actually see the image in the text?

What am I doing wrong? Is there a secret to inserting images into a Scrivener? Or at least viewing them?

You shouldn’t need to do anything more than place the insertion point in the text editor where you want to add the image and then use either of the two menu commands you named. What is the format of the image you’re trying to add? It could be that you’re working with something unsupported, like a photoshop file. Have you tried with a JPG or PNG image?

Linking to a file on a networked drive could also cause this if the drive weren’t available, but since it sounds like you see this immediately (not that it happened some time later when you reopened the project), a path issue doesn’t seem likely. Still, you could try dragging in a locally saved image just to check, if you have been working this way.

I don’t think this works on an iPad. There is no ‘insert’ tab. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to insert images into my text without success. I’m about to throw myself under a bus. This ought to be simple.


The interface of the iOS version is quite a bit different from the desktop versions (and even there, the instructions above are from Scrivener 1 on Windows and the menu commands are in slightly different locations now). On iOS, the insert command is found on the extended keyboard row; it’s a little pencil icon, and tapping that will bring up a menu that includes Insert Image. On the iPad, the link icon on the right of the predictive text row also opens a menu that includes Insert Image.

You can customise the extended keyboard row to include the insert image button directly, if it’s one you use a lot. Tap and hold on any of the buttons in that row that you’d like to replace to bring up the menu of all the commands, and tap to select the one you’d like to use instead. Insert Image is under the Formatting heading.

You can also paste images from the clipboard into the text, just using the regular paste action, so for instance if you copy an image from the Photos app, you can swipe back into Scrivener and paste it into the text.


Thank you so much for the quick response - you’re a life-saver.