Image issues between .ePub and .mobi

I have little images at the top of each chapter. When I compile my doc as a .mobi they look fine however when I compile as a epub the image is nearly double the size and looks weird. Any idea why this is happening?


It’s hard to say without a little more information. Do you have a sample graphic that we could test with? Also what software/devices you are using to preview the ePub would be handy. In my tests, small chapter adornments come through fine. I tried a variety of DPI settings for the graphics, and tested in Sigil and Calibre.

I am using this

Testing this on a iPad 2, iPhone 4 with an .epub and a Kindle Paperwhite with a .mobi. The Kindle seems to be the only one that renders properly.

Wonder if it’s the 300dpi resolution doing this.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Which iPad or iPhone software were you using to view the ePub?

One of my tests did in fact include a 300 DPI image, but DPI is often a culprit in this sorts of problems so we’ll see. Oh, one other potential factor: how are you inserting the graphic? I just dropped mine into the top of the first scene in the chapter folder so that it would appear after the title.

I’m using a Kindle Paperwhite (where it looks fine) and a iPad 2 (Retina) using iBooks.