Image linked to file but image 'holder' wrong size

I’m inserting an image via the Insert > Image Linked to File… menu. After selecting my 180x180px image. The result looks like this:

The image holder/container is twice as wide as it should be. Working with the image is more difficult because of it. This is in a template, so the problem propagates every time I use the template.

I’ve double check the image file many times. The original size is confirmed at 180x180px. I’ve tried different image formats (bmp, jpg, png, tif, etc.) without any luck. I’ve tried resizing, which is effective on resizing the visual image, but the holder/container is still too wide. I’ve done the usual cycle of close/reopen the project, reboots, etc. No luck.

Here is a png version of the file:
head circle.07

I have another (larger) external linked image file in my project that doesn’t show this problem. Is this just an problem with small images?

Please advise.


Hello, Operator? Are you there?

Hello? Hello? Is the Scrivener for Windows section being monitored?

The forum is largely a community discussion area, though we do make an effort to come around and help out as we can.

I am not seeing the specific size issue precisely as you are. For me it is still not accurately around the image; maybe it is the right size but three pixels too far to the right. Update: in playing with it a bit further, it seems like the problem may be related to whitespace on the line. I wasn’t testing with tabs initially, but given your layout I suspect you’re tab indenting the image. When I do that, things get a bit more like what you have—and funnily enough, the frame is all the way off the image, it works to resize it. Shrug!

The handle seems to have no effect on the image, so I’m not sure if it is even functional at this point. It seems safe to disregard it for now, and I’ll make sure there is something about it on their list. Thanks for the report!