image (logo) in header at export?


I’ve recently discovered Scrivener (yaay!) and have happily tried out lots of stuff and made projects and went nuts on changing settings on export just to see what it all does.

One thing I could not find, and it might not even exist. I’d like to put an image (a logo) in the pageheader of my exported file. Can scrivener do this? I could find a setting to put a pagenumber (and more text) in the header or footer on export, however, no luck in finding something / some way to put an image in the header of each page.

Can I do this in Scrivener?

If so, how? :slight_smile:



After you export a draft, you’ll need to use a word-processor, say Pages or Word, to create formatting, which may include header definition. You might create a file template that places the icon and also provides a date, file title, and page number. The key thing to remember is that Scrivener is an outlining and drafting tool, and a word processor provides formatting.

Ah too bad! I hoped with all the options like multimarkdown and such I could do this and it would set me completely free from Word/Pages. I’ve got a template for Word to do this, have done it before, was just hoping I could take away this extra step :wink:

Thanks for your help. :smiley:



Yes, as druid says, this is not possible. I have recently overhauled the RTF/DOC export to support certain rich text elements, but images are still not available. The trouble is that to support headers and footers at all is an enormous hack, as I have to hack into Apple’s default exporters which don’t support such features at all. Adding images would be an enormous task, and should definitely be left to a dedicated word processor - Scrivener was never intended to replace a word processor altogether for more specialist documents. It can pretty much replace a word processor for novel-writing or short-story writing, but most other formats will require some tweaking in a specialist tool at the end of the process.

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you for your reply. I completely understand. I did my best to find the answer to my question and either missed it or didn’t search hard enough. I already thought it wouldn’t work, however, with all the possibilities considered the option I had just missed it, so I asked.

For completeness sake, I have found a (sort of) workaround. The document didn’t necessarily require the logo on all the pages, just the first one would do as well. I have added a document at the top of my file-list with just the logo outlined on the right. The rest of the files contains my actual text. When exporting (to either rtfd, doc or webarchive) the logo shows up nicely.

This whole issue came up because I played around with Scrivener for my novel(s) and then this light-bulb went on above my head and I realised I could also use it for some work-related research documents. Since we try to limit how much we print, we should all put the logo in our documents and it turns out I don’t need to put it on every single page if it’s just for internal use. It seems sometimes the problem, isn’t really a problem :slight_smile:

I like testing the limits of a program, push it as far as I can. I tend to learn how to use it best that way, plus I consider knowing the limits of a program very useful. It’ll save me time in the long run, I’ll know when to switch to another program.

Thank you for creating such a helpful tool! I’m very much enjoying trying to make it break / crash, which it hasn’t and that is very very good :slight_smile:

Have a good day/night!