Image on index card shows as small thumbnail

I have added images to my corkboard for some visual inspiration but they show as just small thumbnails on the card (the card still looking like a text index card with a teeny tiny image in the middle).

When i googled I saw several examples of images showing on the corkboard as filling the whole index card but these were all Mac examples (like in this tutorial:

Am I missing an option and doing something wrong? Or does this work different for Windows?

Hope someone can help me!

Windows just uses the index card style for everything at the moment, so the image appears as the thumbnail the way you’re seeing it rather than in the Polaroid style of the Mac. You can increase the size of the cards to make the image bigger by clicking the square icon of the four cards on the right of the editor footer in the corkboard and adjusting the slider. (Make sure “Size to fit editor” isn’t checked, or you won’t be able to adjust the size manually.)

Okay thanks. Means I have more to eagerly await for when new releases are announced for the Windows version :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for showing that card size slider! Just what I was looking for