Image resizing

I’m not sure whether this is a bug (I think it is), or a feature, or a design decision. But, when I insert a link to an image, the image is resized. When I create my images, I use an editor and make the image exactly how I want it. I do not want it changed when inserted into a document. If this is a design decision, I don’t like it. The default should be to put things in the way they are, not to change them to what you imagine they should be.

This is fixed easily enough. I right click and choose to edit the image and then reset it, so it only costs me a couple of seconds, but why make the default to not be how the image is? It seems like you should edit an image to change it, not to unchange it.

Because you are one of the very few who pre-edit your images in size. In most of the cases, the users drop the image files unedited, which are usually huge in size and sometimes might not even fit on your screen to resize. Because of this Scrivener imports the images resized to ensure any image can be resized by the user afterwards. Happy that you have found the easy way to reset your images, Steve.

Edited: Still it is a good idea to pre-edit in size your images, as this optimizes the total document size. Scrivener tries to embed the original image so that further resizing, showing on different monitor resolutions, printing etc. stays optimal.

So, I’m guessing this design decision was made because people complained about how it worked in Version 1.9 and you made the change based on complaints.

Any possibility to having 2 different actions? If they “drop the image in”, you resize it. If they link to an image in a file, then assume the image is correct in the file? I don’t “drop them in” or depend on a writing program to resize as well as a graphics program.

In any case, this is not a big deal, it is just a little disconcerting to link to an image I’ve made to look right and always have it wrong until I reset it. It is particularly bad when the image is small and you resize it to make it big and blurry. Perhaps now that you’ve made this change, others will complain about this choice. I’m guessing there is no right answer to this one.