Image size using markdown

Hi all,
I’m using a workflow based on Scrivener and Pandoc that thanks to pandocomatic in the form of Scrivomatic ( allows me to export directly in word.

To insert image in my document I use markdown syntax and scrivener placeholders:
Figure <$n:figure:imagename> AnyCaption
However I don’t understand how to set a specific size for my image, I try different markdown syntax appending “?resize=400,400)” to image link and others but I can’t find the proper one.

I would prefer not to come back to scrivener image syntax like: <$Img:name;w=800> and continue to use my workflow, do someone know the correct syntax?
Thank you

Please see Pandoc documentation:

![My caption](binder_link){ width=50% }

It was simple to find at the end, I swear that I tried before posting the question. Anyway, thank you very much as usual Ian

You’re welcome! The Pandoc documentation is quite extensive so it is not always easy to find what you need… :smiley: