Image workflow help!

I have a project with embedded images and I would like to have those images linked to files instead as to reduce the size of the project. Is there a way to automatically convert all embedded images into linked image files?

There isn’t a tool for doing that all at once, but if you’re okay with linking the images to copies in the binder, rather than an external location on the disk, then it’s not too hard to convert. First a little set up:

  1. You will want to enable an important option in the Behaviors: Dragging & Dropping preference pane: Link to images dragged from binder to editor. With that set, from now on linking is as easy as embedding, just drop them in.
  2. Next, I recommend right-clicking on the main editor header bar and selecting “Lock In Place”. This way you can freely organise the images in the binder and drag them to and fro without having to constantly use the history button to get back to where you were.

Now for the per-image process with this setup:

  1. Drag the image from the text editor into the binder.
  2. From the binder, drag it back into the editor.
  3. Delete the old image from the editor.

To verify that this is working as expected, double-click on the image. Instead of the customisable filename field you get for embedded graphics, you’ll see a button to reveal the image in the binder.