images and line spacing

Hello everybody,

I have a little problem when I insert images in a document. If the line spacing is 1.0, then everything works. But normaly, I use a line spacing of 1.5. Then a space of 0.5 of the high of the image is insert between the text and the image.
When I compile the projekt there is the same effekt.
I would say, that is a bug. Or is it a feature?

No idea from somebody?

Seems like Scrivener treats a picture as if it were text.
Line spacing depends on font size (height). If a font is taller, 1.5 line spacing will provide an additional 50% of the font size. This is what is happening to your picture.

I’d say it’s a bug. Can’t think of any reason why it would make sense to adjust line spacing to picture height. Even if you were stacking pictures on top of each other like lines of text, you would want them to line up more or less flush, and not seperated by empty space half the picture height.