Images answer required ASAP

Already posted but I’ll make it clearer. I NEED to know how to do this by the end of the day, I can’t find an answer anywhere.

I’m putting together a ‘best of’ book for a blogger and some articles have images which are important to the article.

I can’t put any of these images into the actual draft section…

I can get them into research but that’s about it from there.

I need to be able to position images freely within the draft (like Word)…

Is this possible and if so how???

Drag images into the body of a document in the Draft folder. That’s the only way to put images into the draft.

You can’t put images as files in the Draft section (how should they be compiled?) but you can insert them in all documents inside your Draft section. Simply right click and select insert picture or drag them directly from your research material folder.