Images as part of chapter headings

For some reason despite reading the manual, watching youtube vids, and reading a book on how to use Scrivener 3, I cannot get small images show up in chapter headings in my compiled epubs. I have imported the graphic to the scriv file and tried using an image placeholder in the Section layout setting under Chapter Title Formatting, but only get the text showing.

Apologies for tautologies. Thanks in advance for any advice or even pointing me to another post dealing with this!


Because you can use every Placeholder Scrivener offers around the titles in chapter openings, the <$img> Placeholder is no exception. This means Scrivener supports using custom images in chapter openings, like small purpose-made illustrations. And this is something we see a lot in books.
Use <$img:Image_name;w=width;h=height> with a valid path to an image in the Binder or on your hard drive. Just like the Epigraph, use an image in the Prefix tab and placed before or behind the title. Alternatively, use the <$IMG> in the title prefix or suffix with line breaks between the image and the title.


Thank you, Anton. Where do I find the valid path to the image in the binder?

It’s OK, I finally got it to work - many, many thanks! Have a great rest of the week :slight_smile: