Images disappearing

I am having trouble with some images inserted into documents within the Draft folder in the binder. I use the insert image menu option. The images appear fine in the document. But when I close and reopen the project, some of the images have been replaced by a place-holder image – a blurry image of a piece of paper. This only happens with some images, and I don’t know why.

I am compiling to MMD web page. In the past, with this same project, that has worked correctly. But now, I have to re-insert some images, and compile before closing the project.

Any suggestions>

Since you mention this only happening with some images, does that mean one image will fail in this fashion alongside another that continues working fine, and does it mean that this same image no matter how many times you insert it always fails, while others never do? If so, I’d start by looking at the two images side by side in a photo editor or anything that can give you some details on the image format, and see where the differences are. It could be there is something about them that the text engine isn’t expecting and is having troubles saving into the underlying RTF.

In the documents where this happens, are all the missing images in the top section and all the images that remain in the bottom, or are they intermixed? If the former, find the first working image in the document and resave that image in a graphics program using Save As to make a new copy. (If you don’t have the image available outside the project, you can right-click the image in the document and use Save As Picture to save it as an image file, then open that file in Paint.NET or Photoshop or such and use Save As to create a new PNG file.) Delete the image from the Scrivener document and replace it with the newly saved version, and also re-insert the earlier images in the document since they’ve been mangled–you don’t need to resave those, just insert like you did before.

I’m not sure what exactly is causing this, but I was just working with another case showing the same problem, where a particular image file was corrupting all the images in the document saved above it. During compile it affects all images preceding it up to the preceding page or section break (so that could include images that are in separate Scrivener documents and appear properly still in the project, but don’t compile correctly).

This seems to be resolved with some work that’s gone into the next update, but if you find that the steps above fix the issue, would you mind sharing one of the original image files that had to be resaved so we could do a few additional tests?

I have a few images in the document. I tried resaving, reloading all of them. Seems random. I’ll keep trying, see if I can find the culprit.