Images for ePub and Print

I’m looking for best practices on images. My last book had a few images, they looked great in ePub, but when I went to publish a print version on Amazon, Amazon complained about images less than 300dpi. OK, fixed all that, but now…

I’m working on a book that is image heavy, about Ukulele chords, with lots of diagrams of chords (drawn with Sketch, all vector graphics). If I make them all 300dpi, my file is huge. I can make them 72 dpi and they’ll look good on tablets but then if I make a print version?

I’ve been using the images inline, but I’m thinking ofgenerating two versions of each image, and putting them in a hi-res and lo-res directories, and then copying one or the other set to an ‘images’ directory and linking to the images in that directory for generating ePub or Print.

Is this dumb? Am I missing something? Is there a better way? Is this simply not a problem and I should just keep using the 300dpi images, scaled as needed, inline? I’m about 1/4 done with the book, 20+ pages and the ePub file is 8MB and the .scriv file is 30MB.


See Section 15.7 in the Scrivener 3 Manual, and particularly Section 15.7.4, on working with Linked images.

The “approved” way to handle this problem is to have separate external image folders for whatever resolutions you need. Use placeholders in Scrivener to point to a generic name like “MyManuscriptImages/Figure1.jpg” and swap the appropriate folder into “MyManuscriptImages” as needed. More detail is in the manual.