Images in compiled DOCX are always set to 100% in Word


When compiling to DOCX, from the latest Scrivener for Mac, all the images (inserted as Image Linked to File) are reset to their original, 100% size in Word for Mac (v16.82).

Not so in Apple Pages, where the resizing I did in Scrivener is preserved when opening the DOCX file.

EDIT: In Apple Pages the resizing I did in Scrivener is sometimes preserved when opening the DOCX file. I can’t understand when this happens and when it doesn’t.

Is there some parameter I should check in either Scrivener or Word, to make it respect the saved measures?


I was wrong, when saying that image scaling was preserved in Apple Pages. If an image would go over the margin, Pages shrinks it to make it fill the text frame. Any other image that can fill it is resized to 100%.

EDIT: What I wrote in the previous paragraph is not correct. Pages sometimes scales the images from the DOCX, sometimes not. Can’t find a pattern.

LibreOffice and Affinity Publisher are the same as Word (images are reset to the original size).


It may be useful, to show why this feature is important to me, to explain my expected workflow.

  1. I will create the source project in Scrivener. I’ll have two layers of images:
  • One for Websites from Markdown. These are inserted and scaled with Markdown syntax.
  • One for PDF and print. These will be inserted as linked from file.
  1. I will generate PDFs from Word, Pages, InDesign or Affinity Publisher.
  • Since the PDF generated by Scrivener is not flexible enough for my needs, I would want to use a word processor or page layout program as the formatter and PDF generator.
  • For this, it would be useful to be able to rescale images in Scrivener, and have their size preserved in the compiled DOCX file to be imported in the formatter.
  1. The compiled DOCX will be also a great format for distribution to translators and distributors.

If the settings made in Scrivener were preserved in the compiled DOCX file, there would be very little to do in the formatter (adding a TOC, the running headers, some page break adjustment).


To help you now, vs. waiting for something which may or may not be timely if ever:

PDFs are not intended to be edited, although minor edits are possible. They are not at all the same as editable file formats. I’m pretty sure Scrivener produces PDFs that conform to the ANSI Standard defining PDFs, or whatever their licensed PDF engine provides for them.

I’m not seeing this when I did a test compile to DOCX from Scrivener 3.3.6 with macOS 13.6.4. A huge screen shot resized using Scrivener’s Image Resize feature remained small in the compile to DOCX option.

i don’t have any further information for how to debug what you see. Could be there is a setting somewhere in the compile spec.

I don’t intend to deliver PDF files as editable material. This would be for publishing on the web or printing.

The delivered editable files will be the DOCX or IDML ones, edited from the DOCX compiled by Scrivener.

Unfortunately, there are things that I’ve not found to be possible directly generating PDFs from Scrivener, for example creating running headers from a paragraph style. Scrivener wants to read this data from a document title, but it is not practical, for me, to have them translated in any language. Also, I’m not sure they can contain all the characters a title could have to contain (like reserved character not accepted in file names).

This makes the mystery even denser. I’ve just let Scrivener compile a project with images linked from files, resized with the dedicated dialog. The compile format was the default DOCX one, with just edited compile text styles. And I’ve then imported the resulting DOCX into very standard programs, including Microsoft Word.

I’m not sure the different OS can be the cause of this lost setting. It shouldn’t.

I also did another test: I extracted some text and an image from the DOCX compiled by Scrivener, and pasted it into a new Word document. I then resized the duplicated image in Word. When loaded into Apple Pages, the resized image was still as in Word. So, the file format should preserve the image size.

It’s the same whether the image is linked from file or embedded in the Scrivener document.


Please create a simple test project that demonstrates the issue, then open a support ticket, here:

You’ve narrowed the scope of the problem enough for us to be able to help you figure out why you aren’t getting the results you want.

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.


With the additional tests I did, the images in the compiled DOCX document are resized. The same is on the L&L side. It must therefore been an operator error on my side, when checking the larger project.

I apologize for the false alarm.