Images Question

I am playing with 1.4 this morning. I have moved a large document into Scrivener with reasonable success. However, I cannot figure out how to get my images into the text where they can be seen while reading “in line”. I thought I did it once, but how, I don’t know. I do have the images in research, and I can create links to them that open the graphics in another editor.

I have tried several tutorials, but don’t see what I need. Maybe it can’t be done? Or, as I suspect, I am an idiot.

With V1.4 I found I could insert images via the menus: Edit/Insert/Image from File…

Couldn’t see how to move it from research though.

I think I was correct at the end of my original post. I am an idiot.

Thank you for helping me remember how to drop an image in. However, I don’t think this is what Scrivener wants. The draft folders appear to be for text only. I am still running videos and tutorials. I think it has something to do with links to objects in the research folder (or elsewhere). I tried compiling with an image dropped in, and it did not appear in the pdf output – although the manuscript was quite nice. I need to shake off my word processing system expectations.

Back to the videos and tutorials. There is surely a way to compile a manuscript containing graphic objects.