Images when compiling to .doc or .rtf

I’ve noticed when I compile any images that I’ve put into scrivener and resized revert back to their old size when I open the .doc or .rtf in Word 2011. If I compile to pdf the images come out the right size.

Is there anyway to fix this, something I’m doing wrong, or is this a current known problem?

Thanks in advance!

Potentially some kind of setting problem in Word? I’m not getting this error anywhere else. I just tested about a dozen different word processors on two platforms and the image shows up as the size set by the slider in Scrivener in all of them. I don’t have Word for the Mac however, just the PC, so I wasn’t able to test that specifically. Do you have another WP you can test on? Pages or OpenOffice perhaps?

I just tested this using my VM of windows on Word 2010 and I have the same issue. I’m happy to share my source document if you need it for testing. This isn’t the only document I’ve seen the problem with though as I had a co-worker create another manual and it acted the same way.

What happens is that these are screenshots that I’ve loaded into Scrivener and then resized inside scrivener so that they fit appropriately on the page. When I compile the doc to word or rtf these images then are not resized and the receiving program shows them fullsize and clips the right (and possibly the bottom) of the end of the page.

Hmm, no that definitely does sound odd. That should be working fine. If you could send us a sample project to [size=60]at[/size] literatureandlatte [size=60]dot[/size] com, with this thread URL for reference that would be helpful.

A quick test you can do as well: compile to HTML, then open that HTML in a text editor and search for the filename of the graphic that is not resizing. You should see something like src=“nameofgraphic.png”. Within that line there should be a width and height declaration in the same format. Do those numbers correspond to the numbers you see in the editor when using the slider on the image?