Images when generating draft

Is there a way of including images when generating a draft ?


There’s a useful table in the Help file which tells you which formats can include images and which can’t.


In my experience there’s also an issue as to what WP you’re then going to process your draft in — I presume that is what you’re concerned with — and in the case of Word, it will also concern which version of Word you are using. I haven’t used Word for a long time, but I have always known and understood Word to be very picky in terms of graphics formats, and there have been long threads on the OmniGraffle format about the best way to get a diagram out of Graffle and into Word.

And I seem to remember that an RTF with inline images that I produced in Scrivener opened perfectly in Nisus Writer Pro, but the images did not appear in the previous version of Pages … I haven’t tried Pages 09 from that point of view.

So it seems to me to be more a question of which graphic formats your word-processor will support.